Getting Rid of Black Algae in Your Swimming Pool

For those who don’t know, that black spots that you see in the surfaces of your swimming pool is actually a living organism. It is called black algae. It typically grows on porous surfaces such as plaster, granite, and concrete. It usually settles into steps, corners, and other hard-to-reach places. It also survives in both shade and sun.  

Black algae are also the most forceful type of pool algae. It’s also the hardest type to remove. You can’t simply kill it using a simple algaecide or shocking.  

However, you should not worry a lot if you see some indications of black algae on your pool surfaces. They may be hard to remove. However, it isn’t completely impossible. With the help of a professional Fresno pool service, you can get rid of black algae in your pool.  

Treating Black Algae 

Black algae are hard to remove. Also, it will require more than a simple scrub if you want to get rid of it. Here are several things that you should consider: 

  • Pool Shocking 

To kill off bacteria and shock the pool water, you can utilize granular chlorine. When it comes to black algae, you have to utilize 3 times the amount you would normally use. It’s ideal to do this in the evening. Also, you’ve got to ensure you turn the pool filter on for at least 1 day after adding the shock treatment. Let it sit for a couple of days. Also, it’s best to do a follow-up treatment.  

  • Cleaning the Filter 

When the water in your swimming pool is not in great condition, black algae will easily grow. You need to maintain the cleanliness of your pool filter.  

  • Utilize Chlorine Tablets 

Take one tablet and break it in half. After that, directly rub the tablet onto the surfaces that have black algae. With this, you can kill the roots and stop it from developing again. 

  • Scrub The Pool 

Whenever you want to provide the black algae an excellent scrubbing, you have to ensure you utilize a high-quality nylon brush. You have to keep in mind that you will require something sturdy and tough if you really want to get rid of the black algae. Also, you should not be misled by appearances. There might be roots underneath the surface, even if the black spots disappear. Because of this, scrubbing will not take care of the issue completely.  

  • Rinse and Repeat 

To completely get rid of black algae, you might have to use a couple of treatments. You should not be discouraged with this. If required, you have to keep shocking and scrubbing your pool. 

After you get rid of the black algae, you will have to do things to prevent them from coming back. This includes making sure that the pool chemistry is balanced. You have to regularly run the pump to get rid of debris and dirt. You should also keep on shocking the pool every week. Also, you have to clean any toys or pool accessories as well.